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Water Resources & Environmental Engineering

For 24 years, Crespo Consulting Services, Inc. has established itself by providing clients with innovative and trustworthy engineering solutions. Our team offers expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, water quality watershed studies, as well as the design of detention, storm drain systems, water quality controls, and erosion controls.

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Clients we have worked with


Notable Projects

Onion Creek Modeling & Mapping

Crespo performed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with the Onion Creek watershed modeling and mapping project, specifically an update of the Rinard Creek modeling and mapping. The hydrologic parameters for existing and fully-developed conditions were
developed and a HEC-HMS model was developed, including subbasin delineation, parameter estimation and flow routing. HEC-RAS models were developed using site visits
and field measurements, survey data, DEMs and aerial photography. Floodplain maps were developed for the existing 100 and 500 year events and the ultimate 25 and 100 year events.

IH-35/Ben White Water Quality

Crespo designed sedimentation-filtration ponds and an extended detention/bioretention pond that stores and treats runoff associated with small storm events from the IH-35/Ben White Interchange area. The overall treatment concept developed by Crespo involved
sedimentation-filtration ponds and a complex diversion pipe system to intercept flows before dropping into the main drainage tunnel. Hydraulic and water quality modeling was performed using SWMM, including evaluation of 5 diversion structures. Crespo calculated feasible pond volumes, designed pond outlets to provide 48-hour detention, recommended planting and landscaping selection, and estimated anticipated construction and maintenance costs. The annual pollutant removal was also estimated.